A wholesome real time strategy game in which you help Meeps save the life of the World Turtle they live on. Construct buildings, harvest resources, allocate task priorities, research and develop, raise children, and cooperate with other Meeps to save your World Turtle ... and possibly meet others!

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About this game

"Please ... help us save our Turtle ... it means the World to us!"



Gather Some Meeps and Develop a Realm

Is there anything more exhilarating than your first move on a freshly created map? A small band of Meeps have gathered together with enough supplies to construct a basic resource gathering outpost. Expand their skills, improve their efficiency and guide them towards guilds, societies and more advanced structures. They, and their children, are going to need these to have a fighting chance of saving their Turtle.


Explore, Examine and Cooperate

Find and cooperate with other bands of Meeps scattered on the map. Work with the environment to improve negative situations and affect progress without destruction. Learn about your world and push back the boundaries of physics in order to advance.


Save Your Turtle, Save Your World

Space can be a harsh and unforgiving place, especially to an enormous Turtle. Like the Meeps, their World Turtle also needs your guidance to stay safe and nurtured. And while you're at it, maybe you can save some others as well.


Background and Vision

I am a solo Indie developer. I joined the Game Dev party quite late in life, and got my first glimpse of Unity almost exactly 2 years before making the first demo of World Turtles, my very first game, available. I'm amazed at the progress I'd been able to make during these two years and owe a great deal to various tutorial channels, plug-ins and artists whom I leaned on during the development. None more than Catlike Coding, whose brilliant Hex Map tutorial series kickstarted this entire endeavour.


I have spent a lot of time polishing the task queueing system, utilising different threads, progressive construction, UI and more and I feel the basic foundation and technical mechanics of the game is ripe for branching off into various promising directions. The free demo is a small vertical slice designed to exhibit the commitment I have to developing a good-quality game and hopefully pique some interest.


I have a good idea of the general direction I want World Turtles to head in, but there's a myriad of possibilities available for the execution. For now, I'm focusing on a single-player sandbox-type environment. This will hopefully be followed by a small campaign and a map editor. Having some sort of multiplayer capability would also be wonderful, but there's a lot to be done before then.


I would love developing World Turtles further alongside a group of enthusiastic real-world Meeps. Please, join me and be a part of the journey!


See our Press Kit

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